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Rather than wasting space and time with dozens of useless "sampler" CDs, only compilations with rare/exclusive/unreleased tracks will be listed here.

Accept Tribute: A Tribute to Accept - CD
Sinner, Tankard, Sodom, Grave Digger, Hammerfall, Steel Prophet, Primal Fear, Atrocity, Axxis, Seven Witches, Therion, Tarot, Metalium, Pegazus, Watchtower, Rykers, New Eden, Sacred Steel, and Dimmu Borgir.

Agathocles Tribute: Kill Your Idols - CD - 1998
Also includes one Agathocles album track. Brutal Truth, Groinchurn, Entrails Massacre, Disgust, Malignant Tumour, Rot, Desecration, Necreous, Infectious Outbreak, Cripple Bastards, Lixo Urbano, Nyctophobic, Deviate, Cornucopia, Bludge, Shears, Panopticon, Mastic Scum, Denial of State.

All Stars N.W.O.B.H.M. - CD - 1990/1991
Various UK metal/rock legends teaming up. Paul Di'Anno, Biff Byford, Dennis Stratton, Paul Samson, Don Airey, Scott Gorham, etc.

And....The Ravens Left the Tower - CD
In-Quest, Callenish Circle, Golgotha, Cadaverous Condition, Mystification FF, Exequies, Hellstorm, Grave Flowers, Majesty, Uranus, Orthodox, and Black Art

...And the Scene Goes On...2 - CD - 1995
Seems to be all demo or exclusive tracks. Disinter (US-WV), Pessimist, October 31, Corpse Vomit, Circle, World of Hate, and Mystical Frost

Antichrist Superstar - CD
Excision, Hybernoid, Mystic Charm, Donor, Hanniball, Gutwrench, Brainwashing, Aftermath AD, Evisceration, Sacred Sin, Vindictive, 2 Minutes Hate, Swazafix, Paraplegic, and Damnation (US).

Apocalypse Livre 66 Chapitre Premier - CD - 2004
CD 1 is Season of Mist label sampler. CD 2 is primarily unreleased/rare/advance tracks by Anaal Nathrakh, Polterchrist, Blood Duster (2 tracks, including Dwarves cover), Nattefrost, Agressor, Destroyer 666, Order of the Ebon Hand, Tsjuder, Mayhem, The Crest, Green Carnation, The Old Dead Tree.

Appointment With Fear Vol. 1 - CD
Misanthrope, Coprophagist, Traumatic, Supuration, Dicktator, Masacre, Anguish, Transgressor, Grotesque, Cenotaph, Acheron (Aus't), Shub Niggurath, Macabre End, G-Anx, Dead, Putrid Offal, Extincion Cerebral.
Appointment With Fear Vol. 3 - CD
Harmony, Morphyl Hate, Evisceration, Wheeping Shitheads, Human Waste, Venesect, Ancient Slumber, Displaced Person, Escalation Anger, Serpent, Desperate Corruption, Into the Void, Gorugoth, Gail of God, Entasis, Harassed, Vidar Vang, Cryptal Darkness.

A Sixth Sense of Darkness
All unreleased or demo tracks. Bloodshed Nihil, Vordr, Arkha Sva, Noctifer, Wrath (Swe), Impious Havoc.

As Sahar Tribute: Eastern Bestiality - CD - 2007
Mantak, Whispering Amok, KSK, Istidraj, Farasu, Banshee, Everlasting Tales, Darkregime, Tyranny, Al Azhazhil, and a new As Sahar track.

At Death's Door II - CD - 1993
Death 'God of Thunder' cover, Cynic 'Uriboric Forms' from their '91 demo, Malevolent Creation 'Piece By Piece' cover. Also Suffocation, Gorguts, Sorrow, Atrocity, Immolation, Brujeria, Skin Chamber, Disincarnate, and Fear Factory.

At the Foot of Brutality - CD - 1989
All Wisconsin/Illinois bands except for Transmetal. Masada, Disorder, Necromacy, Firing Squad, Num Skull, Renegade, and Transmetal.

Austrian Black Metal Syndicate: Norici Obscura Pars - CD - 1995
Unreleased tracks from Golden Dawn, Pervertum, Trifixion, Knechte Des Schreckens, Vuzem, and Pazuzu.

Bang or Be Banged!: A Tribute to the Ancients - CD
All covers. Bewitched (Venom), Deceased (Warfare), Gernoth (Celtic Frost), Anima Damnata (Beherit), Gehenna (Bathory), Ouroboros (Sarcófago), Ace of Spades (Motörhead), Decayed (Exodus), Hangöver (Metallica), Unpure (Alice Cooper), Hateful Agony (Dark Angel), G.M.C. (Thor), Sign of the Sleepless (Burzum), Urgehal (Sepultura), Turbocharged (Motörhead), Unholy Massacre (Sarcófago), Ancient Wisdom (Demon).

Barbaric Onslaught: Australian Metal Attack - LP - 2003
Destruktor, Martire, Portal, Atomizer, Urgrund, Carbon, Grenade, ONI, Stargazer, Anarazel, Misery's Omen.

Bathory tribute: In Conspiracy With Satan - CD - 1998
Gehennah, Nifelheim, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Ophthalamia, Emperor, The Abyss, Lord Belial, Necrophobic, Sacramentum, WAR, Satyricon, Unanimated.
Bathory tribute: Hellas Salutes the Vikings - CD - 1997
Order of the Ebon Hand, Flames, Deviser, Tenebre, Kawir, Brain Fade, Exhumation, Dark Nova, Nar Mataron, Zemial.

Battle of Metal - CD - 1984/1992
Japanese heavy metal comp. Marino, Sexual, Rajas, Hurry Scuary.

The Best Heavy Metal from Europe - CD - 1989
Lenny Wolf's Germany, Skanners (Ita), Mogg (Swe), Tygers of Pan Tang, Rash Panzer (Swi), Zero Nine, Blind Petition (Aus), Crosshead (Bel), May Linn (Den), and Kingsize (???).

Black Sabbath tribute: Eternal Masters - CD - 1994
Cadaver, Cannibal Corpse, Exhorder, Sacred Reich, Old, Jesters of Destiny, etc.
Black Sabbath tribute: Nativity in Black - CD - 1994
Sepultura, Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, and some other bands that don't really deserve mention.
Black Sabbath tribute: Nativity in Black II - CD - 2000
Megadeth, Slayer, and, uh...Some other bands.

Brain Dead tribute See regular Brain Dead entry.

Brazilian Assault - CD - 2000
Includes the Abhorrence 'Triumph in Blasphemy' demo '99, the Ophiolatry 'Opposite Monarchy' demo '99, the Nephasth 'The Merciless Face of Evil' demo '99, 2 '00 Mental Horror tracks, and the Mental Horror 'Extreme Evolutive Trauma' demo '98.

Brown Bottles Go Ape - Apish Excursion - CD - 1991
German thrash comp., all demo/tape tracks. Jesse Hoyah, Megace, Rat Salad, Anesthesia, Medusa, and Erosion.

Carnivore tribute: - If You Can't Eat It or Fuck It...Then Kill It! - CD
Cannibalingus, Decayed, Hakenkreuzzug, Frostmoon Eclipse, Deathsquadron, Crucifier, Chemikiller, Hellhound, Arghoslent, Kontatto Estremo, Prophelation, Diamatregon.

Celtic Frost tribute: In Memory of Celtic Frost - CD
Morgion, Enslaved, Slaughter, Mayhem, Inner Thought, Sadistic Intent, Cianide, Divine Eve, Grave, Apollyon's Sun, Opeth, Closedown, Emperor (Hellhammer), 13 (Hellhammer)

Celtic Frost tribute: Order of the Tyrants - CD - 2003
Grief of Emerald, Marduk, Naer Mataron, Necrophagia (Hellhammer cover), Akercocke, Dimmu Borgir, Bewitched, Order of the Ebon Hand, Astarte, Melechesh, Acheron, Ragnarok, Hypocrite, Carrier Flux.

Century Media - Covering 20 Years of Extremes - 2CD - 2008
Century Media bands covering other Century Media bands. Arch Enemy (Dream Evil), Dark Tranquillity (Sentenced), Heaven Shall Burn (Tiamat), Shadows Fall (Only Living Witness), Brand New Sin (Iced Earth), Wolf (Moonspell), Mercenary (Arch Enemy), God Forbid (Merauder), Warbringer (Unleashed), Grave (Asphyx), Architects (Stampin' Ground), Napalm Death (Despair), Krisiun (Demolition Hammer), Cryptopsy (Strapping Young Lad), Maroon (Samael), Watch Them Die (Bloodbath), Firewind (Nevermore), Dream Evil (Arch Enemy), Fear My Thoughts (Heaven Shall Burn), The Agonist (Dark Tranquillity), The Forsaken (Grave), Devian (Morgoth), Heaven Shall Burn (Merauder), Aborted (Turmoil), Terror (Subzero), Napalm Death (Hellhammer), Asphyx (Celtic Frost), Zimmer's Hole (Old Man's Child), Fu Manchu (Penance), Manntis (Lacuna Coil), Kivimetsän Druidi (The Gathering), Intronaut (Eyehategod).

Chords of Chaos - CD
Exhumed, Ear Bleeding Disorder (US), Excreted Alive (Spa), and Necrose (Port).

Christmas Pandemonium - bootleg CD - 1992
Various '90/'91 live trakcs of Unleashed, Autopsy, Venom, Massacra, Obituary, Morgoth, and Atrocity.

Cold Still Earth - CD - 1996
US gore metal comp. Shredded Corpse, Regurgitation, Inhuman, Skinless, Deaden, and Umbilical Strangulation.

Contains No Holy Additives - CD
UK underground metal comp. Epitome, Ressurecturis, Snub, Vortice Cremisi, Der-Untermensch, Sanatorium, Phantasma, Doomflight, Garden of Remembrance, Narcosis, Creed, Fleshfeast, Spine, Imperial Domain, Doghouse, Espostoa.

Creations from a Morbid Society - Part I - CD - 1996
Czech comp. Krabathor, Root, Scabbard, Siax, V.A.R., Melancholy Pessimism, Anarchuz, Insania, Ambivalency, M.A.C. of Mad, R.E.T.

Crusade from the North - 2CD
Moonfog comp. with unreleased Darkthrone, Storm, Satyricon tracks. Also Neptune Towers, Wongraven, and Isengard.

Crushed Skull Volume 1 - CD - 1996
Dutch extreme metal compilation. Iscariot, Engorge, Whispering Gallery, Detonation, Freak Face, Bloedhoest.

Cry Now, Cry Later - Volumes 1 & 2 - CD - 1998
Grind comp. Meat Shits, Crom (Hirax cover), Grief, Excruciating Terror, Iabhorher, Cattlepress, Dystopia, Eyehategod, Crisis, Spazz, 13, Despise You, etc. etc.
Cry Now, Cry Later - Volumes 3 & 4 - CD - 1998
Grind comp. Agathocles, Excruciating Terror, Detestation, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Crom, Soilent Green, Man is the Bastard, Abnegation, Noothgrush, Charles Bronson, etc. With bonus tracks not on the double 7" versions of the comps.

Czech Assault - CD - 2001
Imperial Foeticide (2001 promo), Negligent Collateral Collapse (the '99 'Homologated Recycled 4D Hippies' tape plus 2 May '01 tracks), Contrastic (May 2001 recordings), Intervalle Bizzare (their June 2000 promo, including Terrorizer cover), and Fleshless (May 2001 recording, including Mortician cover)

Deadly Sins - CD
Japanese death and thrash comp. Terror Fector, Maggoty Corpse, Eroded, Beyond Description, Voidd, Incrimination, and Gabish.

Deathblast from the Center of Hell - CD - 2008
3-way split of Costa Rican bands. All 2008 recordings. Morbid Funeral, Necrolisi, and Paganus Doctrina.

Death Knell - CD - 2001
Agony, Ancient Ceremony, Dysanchely, Tombe, Denata, Incinerator, Horfixion, Festerguts, Stormcrow, Warlust, Nefarium, Abominattion, Mithras, Throneum, Hatework, Prosapia.

Death Metal - bootleg CD
Bootleg CD of the 1984 Noise Records compilation. Running Wild, Hellhammer, Dark Avenger, and Helloween.

Death Metal Advance - CD - 1994
Argentinian death metal comp, all tracks are demo/unreleased tracks. Vibrion, Necrodaemon, Devastación, Overthrow, Pandemia, Perpetua, Dilaceration, and Mortuary.

Death Metal Session - CD
Classic Czech black/death/thrash comp. Törr, Root, Terminator, Lochness, Železná Nedele, Moriorr, Mamut, Brian, Abax.

The Death of Africa..? - CD - 1993
South African death metal comp. Voice of Destruction, Abhorrence, Retribution Denied, and Debauchery.

Deathophobia II - CD - 1994
German death metal comp., most if not all tracks are early '90s demo songs. Hate Squad, Absorb, Miscarriage, Haggard, Calvary, Darkseed, Frame of Mind, Dawn, Cabal, Antifreeze, Syphilis, Malignity, Loonatikk, Acephalus.

Debustrol tribute: A Tribute to Debustrol - CD - 2010
Disfigured Corpse, Radiolokátor, Cales, Avenger, Masturbace, Ingrowing, Tortharry, Feeble Minded, V.A.R., Sun.Has.Cancer, Edain, Mortifilia, Locomotive, Bethrayer, and Elysium.

The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years - CD - 1988
Rigor Mortis, Metal Church, Lizzy Borden, Motörhead, Armored Saint, Megadeth, Queensryche, Seduce, etc.

Deeper into the Vault - CD - 1991
Megaforce rarities comp. Exciter ('Death Revenge'), Anthrax live 1985, Raven live 1984, Legacy (pre-Testament), Venom, Mercyful Fate, Blitzkrieg, M.O.D., S.O.D., The Beast, Overkill, etc.

Deep Purple tribute: Black Night: Deep Purple Tribute According to New York - CD - 1997
Musicians include Joe Lynn Turner, Richie Kotzen, Al Pitrelli, Stevie Salas, and Vinnie Moore. Yngwie Malmsteen appears under an alias to do a solo for 'Burn.'

Deflower - CD - 1998
South Korean metal compilation. L.P.G, Kalpa, Kim Jae-Man (from Black Syndrome), Lee In-Ho (from Black Syndrome), Johndoe, Black Syndrome.

Demon Tribute: Day of the Demon - CD - 1999
Ancient Wisdom, Luther Beltz, Madd Hunter, Iron Rainbow, Marauder, Destiny, Seventh Gate, Dawn of Winter, Bad Influence, Poverty's No Crime. With extra 2 Demon tracks.

Descarga Norte - LP - 1988
Spanish thrash/heavy metal compilation. Estigia, Rock D.A.M., B.O.2, Caid Deceit, and U.T.M.

Destroyers from the Western Skies (As Night Devours the Sun) - CD - 2005
US black metal compilation. Harvist, Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, Azrael, Kult Ov Azazel, Krieg, Bahimiron, Summon, Xasthur (doing Manes cover), Typhus, Leviathan, Draugar, Engorge, Thralldom, Cobalt, Teratism, Demoncy, Inquisition.

Deterioration of the Senses - CD - 1995
Adnauseam, Immortality, Enthroned (US-CA), Brood, In-Quest, Carcinogen (Can), Nuctemeron, Putrid Mass, Exhumed, Enthroned (US-IL), Unearth, Orthodox, Damian Kross, Thanatopsis, Adversary, and Divine Eve.

Detonation II - CD
Belgian death/thrash compilation. Poseydon, Scatophagus, Criminal Judge, Profile, Pathology, Objector, Stuck Up, Mind Ruin, Exoto, and Anesthesy.

Distorted Harmony - EPs Collection 1989-1992 - CD - 2011
Compilation of Distorted Harmony EPs. Includes the 2 Bradford tracks from the Carcass St. George's Hall live EP, the Cenotaph 'Tenebrous Apparitions' '90 EP, the '91 Carnage live EP (with 4 '89 live tracks), the Traumatic 'The Morbid Act of a Sadistic Rape Incision' EP '91, the Thou Shalt Suffer 'Open the Mysteries of Your Creation' '91 EP, the Eternal Darkness 'Doomed' '92 EP, and the Shub Niggurath 'Blasphemies of Nether World' '92 EP.

Doom-art.ru Compilation 2009 - CD - 2009
Russian doom compilation. Abyssphere, Evoke Thy Lords, Sacratus, Forbidden Funeral, Odradek Room, Septic Mind, Mental Disease, Sideris Noctem, Everlasting.

Doomsday News - CD - 1988
Noise Rec. comp with some rare/unreleased tracks. Scanner, Rage, Coroner, Tankard, Sabbat, Helloween, Vendetta, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Voivod.
Doomsday News II - CD - 1989
Noise Rec. comp. with some unreleased tracks. Coroner, Watchtower, Midas Touch, Deathrow, Mordred, Rage, Vendetta, Mania.
Doomsday News III: Thrashing East Live - CD - 1990
Live comp., Mar. 4, 1990, East Berlin. Kreator/Tankard/Sabbat/Coroner.

Dou-Dou Tribute - CD - 1995
I'm not sure of the title of this tribute or who exactly participates since all text is Chinese characters. Apparently it's a tribute of covers/re-recordings by members of the Taiwanese metal scene to Dou-Dou, a singer/guitarist who died in '95. Hard rock/heavy metal.

East Coast Metal - CD - 1988
US east coast white metal compilation. Apostle, Rage of Angels, Arsenal, The Lead, Taker, Second Chance, Believer.

Eastern Invasion - CD - 1997
Nebiula Prod. comp., Southeast Asian bands. Sil-Khannaz, As Sahar, Langsuyr, Vociferation Eternity, Ephemeral, Heloisa, and Aradia.
Eastern Invasion 2 - CD - 1999
Nebiula Prod. comp., Southeast Asian bands. Many songs were previously available on cassette format only. Sauts Alastor, Darkcide, Vociferation Eternity, Bazzah, Sil-Khannaz, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet, Crusade, Mesmerized, Bazzah, Gematria.

Echoes from the Underworld Vol. II - CD - 1996
Czech black/death compilation. Godless Truth, Siax, Ritual, Forgotten Silence, Isacaarum, Ingrowing, Disfigured.

Ein Viertel Pfund Gehacktes - CD - 2008
German grind/death compilation. Casa Blanca Detonation (with Six Feet Under/Regurgitate covers), Gatling, Fehlgeburt, Diarrhoea (with Gut cover), Krumperpfropf (with Rampancy cover).

Emergency Express - CD - 1989
Japanese heavy metal comp. Crowley, Gargoyle, Damzell, United, Bellzlleb, Bad Messiah, etc.

Encyclopedia Pestilencia 3CD
50 black metal bands, mostly demo tracks. Moonblood, Antaeus, Gorgon, Zephyrous, Ordog, Nagelfar, Hirilorn, Horna, Crimson Midwinter, Mundanus Imperium, The Eye, Sammath, Dark Fortress, Frozen Shadows, etc. etc. etc.

English Steel: Start 'Em Young - CD - 1994
Various UK metal/rock legends teaming up. Paul Di'Anno, Biff Byford, Paul Samson, Fast Eddie Clarke, Dennis Stratton, and other Praying Mantis/Tank/Girlschool/Samson/Saxon/Rainbow etc. members.
English Steel II: Lucky Streak - CD - 1994
Various UK metal/rock legends teaming up. Paul Di'Anno, Biff Byford, Paul Samson, Fast Eddie Clarke, Dennis Stratton, and other Praying Mantis/Tank/Girlschool/Samson/Saxon/Rainbow etc. members.

Extreme Metal Inside - CD - 2007
Italian death metal compilation. Agabus, Antagonism, Clinicamente Morti, Necrofili, Resurrecturis.

Facial Humiliation - CD - 2005
Goregrind compilation. Anal Penetration, MDK, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Obese, Uterus.

Fantomania II - CD - 2009
Each band does some original tracks and a cover of Hungarian band Fantom. Dög (Hun), Drünken Bastards (Hun), Funebre (Hun), Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (Bra), Sacrificial Dagger (Fin).

Far East Gate in Inferno - CD - 1994
Japanese black/death/thrash comp. Sabbat, Sigh, Terror Squad, Voidd, Dark Ritual, Monarchie Infernale, Worm, Abyss.

Far East Thrash Army II: Burning Inside - Thrash Live in Savagery Special - CD - 1990
Japanese thrash comp. Despite title, doesn't seem to be live. Raging Fury, Lawshed, Excrow, Cassandra, and Des-Poz.

The Fossil Dungeon - CD - 2000
Ambient/ritual/folk/medieval music compilation. Cernunnos Woods, Akhkharu, Equitant, Profane Grace, Nythra, Valor, Proscriptor, Akrabu, The Soil Bleeds Black.

Friday Afternoon II - CD - 1990/2002
South Korean metal compilation. Almost all bandnames in Korean.
Friday Afternoon III - CD - 1990/2002
South Korean metal compilation. Esscence, K.L.K.B., Metropia, Crux, Naty, B612, 한반도, Heavy Angels.

Fudgeworthy Records Compilation - CD - 2001
Compilation of various tracks from Fudgeworthy label EPs. Jesus Chrust, G.G. Allin, Bulge, Out Cold, Gonkulator, Minch, Undinism, Rupture, Anal Cunt, Meat Shits, Impiety, Slough, Captain Three Leg, Groinchurn, Black Mass of Absu, Final Exit, Pest (Fin), Rot, Twisted Truth.

Fueled by Metal - CD - 2009
Thrash comp. Jackhammer (Bra), Blasphemer (Col), Runner Hell (Col), Dirges (Col), Revenge (Col), Invocation War (US), and Headbanger (Pol).

Geil Auf Heavy Metal - CD - 1996
East German metal compilation with tracks from 1982-1990. Regenbogen, Formel I, MCB, Biest, Blackout, Disaster Area, Moshquito, Merlin, Metall, Feuerstein, Blitzz, Manos, Darkland, Defcon.

Girls & Boys - Helge's '87 - LP - 1987
Strange Swedish compilation of amateur kids' bands put out by Helge's youth cafe. All kinds of weirdness to be found, but there is a lot of metallic content.

Godzone Metal - live LP - 1983
NOT a white metal compilation or anything like that. New Zealand metal compilation with Rose Bayonet, Harlot, Tyrant, and Astaroth, all live 1983. All bands play NWoBHM-style/classic metal.

Gore is Your Master - CD - 1999
Regurgitation, Brutal Insanity, Traumatism, Prophecy, Engorged, Vomit Remnants, Impaled, Grot, Encabulos, Gore, Severe Torture, Vastion, Execrator, Rigor Sardonicous, etc. etc.

Grindcore - CD - 1993
Most misleading comp. title ever? Morgue (Swe), Chronic Decay (Swe), Illdisposed, Divine Eve, Excidium, Lethal Injection, Vibrion, Enslavement, Euthanasia (Ita), Agonize, Impulse Manslaughter, Hypocrisy, Tumult, Bad Dreams Always, Excration, Violent Dirge, Mind Riot, Lobotomy, Compos Mentis, and Defleshed.

Hard-Rock Rendez-Vous - LP - 1989
French heavy metal/hard rock comp. Jumper Lace, Squealer, Shine, Blackwhite, Sweet Lips, Firefox, Cougar, Patrick Rondat, Nina Scott.

Hard Twisted Midnight - CD
Dallas/Fort Worth compilation. Mortifix, Demon Seed, Absu, Hollow Point, Midian, Pump'n Ethyl, Dead Industry, Blacklist, Me-at-us, Big Iron, Dead Orchestra, Torment Defined, Prophecy.

Headthrashers - Live - LP - 1987
Brazilian comp. recorded live in 1987. MX, Necromancia, Blasphemer, Cova.

Heavy Metal Force - LP - 1984
Japanese heavy metal comp. Anthem, Veil, Medusa, Sniper, Juni Hitoe, Brody, Sabbrabells.
Heavy Metal Force III - CD - 1989
Japanese heavy/speed/thrash comp. Casbah, Jurassic Jade, X, Saber Tiger, Mephistopheles, Rude Seducer, Jewel, Jackal, Sqwier, Appeal!, and Offender.

Heavy Metal Heroes Volume I & Volume II - CD - 1981/1982/1997
Reissue of the NWoBHM compilations. Volume I is missing the Handsome Beasts song from the original LP, and Volume II is missing the Pallas and Shiva songs (none of which are exclusive tracks). Twisted Ace, Grim Reaper, Jaguar, Soldier, Bitches Sin, Metal Mirror, Buffalo, Expozer, Split Beaver, Dragster, Witchfinder General, Lionheart, Mendes Prey, Mantle,Swallow,Palmer, Overkill, Jess Cox, No Faith, Persian Risk, No Quarter.

Hellspawn: Extreme Metal Meets Extreme Techno - CD - 1998
Techno remixes of Earache bands--Morbid Angel (2 songs), Napalm Death, Dub War, Ultraviolence, Brutal Truth, Pulkas, Godflesh, Misery Loves Co.

The Heralds of Oblivion Vol. 1 - CD - 1993
California death metal compilation. Demolition, Catalepsy, Brainstorm (pre-Infamy and pre-Engrave), Decomposed, and Mutilage.

High Intensity Discharge - CD - 1988
Includes old Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Alice Cooper (live) tracks, and 2 tracks each by '80s New Mexico metal bands Leggesy and Tryax.

History of Things to Come - CD
Shockwerks, Bloodless (pre-Exmortem member), Dr. Shrinker, Num Skull (non-album tracks, probably from the '95 demo), Phantasm, Matricide (with Morbid Angel's John Ortega), Prime Evil, Mortal Dread, Iron Warrior

Hypermetal - 2CD - 1996
Portuguese metal compilation. Moonspell, Inhuman, Drawned in Tears, Credless Minds, Dove, Shiver, Devileech, Anger, Web, Genocide, Raising Fear, Agnosia, Ramp, Incógnita, Goblin, Mindsnare, The Temple, Etherial Grief, Disgorged, Paranormal Waltz, In Darkness, Requiem Laus, Hate Over Grown, Hardness.

Impetigo Tribute: Wizards of Gore - CD - 2000
Murder Corporation, Blood Duster, Mortician, Machetazo, Impaled, Sanitys Dawn, Haemorrhage, Deepred, Vampiric Motives, Exhumed, Vastion, Repugnance, C.B.T., Lymphatic Phlegm, Blood, Engorged, Intense Hammer Rage, Wadge, Last Days of Humanity, Morgue, Ingrowing, Deceased, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Morbid Savouring, Lividity, C.S.S.O., Demisor, Lord Gore.

Incinerator - CD - 1993
Neurotic Box, Young Lords, Gravelbed, Acid Green, Blatherskite, Soulpaint, Crankpin.

Infernal Gathering - The Second Chapter - CD - 2004
Mayhem, Susperia, Khold, My Dying Bride, Decapitated, Mindgrinder, 1349, Enslaved, Disciplin, Dimension F3H, Sinners Bleed, Pawnshop (live). 1349 track is the 'Haunting the Chapel' cover also later on the 2LP version of 'Beyond the Apocalypse.' It seems to be otherwise unreleased on CD. Dimension F3H and Pawnshop tracks are listed as exclusive.

Infinite Visions of Hell - CD - 1994
Krabathor, Ancient Rites, Salem, Septic Flesh, Itnos, Tha-Norr, Mystic Charm, Blessed Sickness, Avulsed, Godsend, Misanthrope, Idiosyncrasy, Divine Chaos.

Initiation: Lard Compilation Vol. 2 - CD - 1995
Narcotic Greed, Disgrace, Human Waste, Azagthoth (Jap), Execution (Fra), Anaconda, Dissonance, Gogmagog, Nightfall, Gang, Blasdead, Misanthrope.

Insights of the Profane - CD - 1999
Half black metal, half dark ambient compilation. Some unreleased tracks. Abigor, Judas Iscariot, Azaghal, Anapthergal, Allfather, Darkness Enshroud, GoatWAR, Baal, Subklinik, Archaean Harmony, Murderous Vision, Myrmidon, Ontario Blue, Veinke.

Ipoh's Metal Militant: Supremacist - CD - 1998
Malaysian death/black/thrash compilation. Necrotic Chaos, Langsuyr, Athotorgh, Hayagriva (live), Profane Creation. As far as I know most tracks were previously only on cassette-only releases.

Iron Maiden Tribute: Children of the Damned - 2CD - 1999
The "tribute" is really only one disc, the first CD is the tribute, the second is just original songs by the same bands. Delusion, Night Conquers Day, Aska, Mesmerize, Seasons of the Wolf, Gooseflesh, Diptheria, Cessation of Life, Moksha, Realm, Last Disciple, Innocent Exile.
Iron Maiden Tribute: The Maiden Years - CD - 1999
Paul Di'Anno, Steve Grimmett, Paul Quinn, etc.
Iron Maiden Tribute: A String Quartet Tribute to Iron Maiden - CD - 2003
9 string interpretations of Iron Maiden songs plus an original composition.

Israheller Metal Compilation - CD
Israeli metal compilation, tracks from the lesser known bands are mostly demotracks. Lehavoth, Salem, Orphaned Land, Betrayer, Human Sector, Enochian Key, Servants' Glory, Armageddon, Superior, Enormity, Spirits, Azazel, Mercenary.

Is There a Doc in the Audience?? - CD
Early '90s French death/thrash compilation, seems to be almost entirely demo/unreleased tracks. Execution, Misanthrope, Inseminoid, Extravaganza, Asshole, D.A.B., Oxyrius, Threshold, Exquisite Corpse, Endless Tears, Totem Phase.

Judas Priest tribute: Hell Bent for Metal - CD - 1999
Angelcorpse, Sanctorum, Winters Bane, Agent Steel, Soulless, Equinox, Aurora Borealis, Steel Prophet, Crematorium, Prototype, Division, Vital Remains, and Scary German Guy.

Kat tribute: Czarne Zastepy - CD - 1996
Damnation, North, Behemoth, Vader, Unnamed, Grom, Hermh, Luciferion, Prophecy, Insomnia, Mastiphal, Groan, Taranis, Immanis, and Lux Occulta.

Killer - CD - 1990
Crystal Pride, Lazy, Shere Khan, Lynx, Stranger, Elise, Kat.

Killers tribute: Les Fils Des Loups - CD - 2004
Black Horizon, Clear as Mud, Eternal Rest, Fiinky Pie, Gang, Madame Guillotine, Messaline, Mordiggan, Phenix, Thorgen.

King Diamond tribute: King Diamond Tribute - CD - 2000
Dark Funeral, Damnation (Pol), In Aeternum, Usurper, Exhumed, Aurora (Den), Destiny's End, Ancient, Fallen Empire, Enthral, and Agressor.

Kitsch'En Squatt - comp. cassette - 1989
Quebec thrash/punk comp. Groovy Aardvark, Northern Vultures, Birth Defects, Cremains, Glorious Fail, Hazy Azure, Capitalist Alienation, Treblinka, Local Rebels, Possession Simple, Genetic Error.

Kreator tribute: Tribute to Kreator - CD - 2000
Black Witchery, Krisiun, Centinex, Goddess of Desire, Angelcorpse, Pazuzu, Mystifier, Hemlock, and Acheron.

L'Amours Rocks: From Hard Rock to Heavy Metal - CD - 1987
Attacker, Wrathchild, Halloween, Meanstreak, Lethal Aggression, Matriarch, The Boys, Jett Blakk.

Lead Weight - LP - 1981
Neat Records NWOBHM compilation. Raven, White Spirit, Venom, Axe, Blitzkrieg, Aragorn, Fist, Axis, Bitches Sin, Warrior, Satan's Empire.

Live Death - CD - 1994
Suffocation, Cancer, Exhorder, and Malevolent Creation live at the Milwaukee Metalfest ('91 or '92).

Lo Mas Potente Del Metal Vol. V (Mex) - CD - 1989/1996
CD reissue of the '89 'Proyecto III' comp. Transmetal, Caronte, Inquisitor, Next, Six Beer, Ramses.

Lo Mejor del Metal Azteca (Mex) - CD - 2001
Luzbel, Calvaria, Twilight, Makina, Mystical Dreams, Garrobos, Erogena, Hellspawn, Next, Avatar, Leones, Camelot.

Lord Diablo Underground Sampler Vol. 5 - CD - ????
HateChoir, Hated Principles, Griswolds, Testicle Bomb, Sin Amor, The Grand Prixx, John Q. Public, Kung Fu Chicken, Nobody Cares, Dead End Kids, DUI, Infamous, 454, Eternal Silence, Sin 13, Disunion, Filthy Jim, Latrines, Stations, The Chick Madgnets, Chris Corozt, Vaginal Discharge (from MO, not the death metal band), Mikey Burliegh and Starr.

Loudness tribute: Rock'n Roll Crazy Night - CD - 2001
Special Band (with Tommy Heart of V2/Fair Warning), Cloud Nine, Suns Owl, Fulltrap, Pulling Teeth, and Akira Takasaki/Dev Large (Buddha Brand).
Loudness tribute: A Tribute to Loudness - CD - 2003
Wada Shige (Wrench), La'Cryma Christi, 夜叉, DJ Baku, Stab Blue, Up Hold, Munch, 4Psyched, Survive.

Lusitânia Dark Horde - Requiems To The Rebirth Of Unholy Black Metal - CD - 2004
Portuguese black metal compilation. Storm Legion, Acceptus Noctifer, Lux Ferre, Flagellum Dei, Decayed, Raptus, Thy Black Blood, InThyFlesh, Onirik, Morte Incandescente, Flamma Aeterna, Coldness, Inner Helvete, Irae, Corpus Christii.

Mausoleum: The Official 20th Anniversary Concert Album - CD - 2003
Ostrogoth with both Marc de Brauwer and Peter de Wint doing some songs, Killer, and Doro doing 2 old Warlock songs with Killer. Live Biebob, Voseelaar Belgium, May 10, 2002.

Mercyful Fate Tribute: The Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bells - CD - 1999
Varathron, Acheron, Equinox, Deceased, Soilwork, Memory Garden, Morta Skuld, Burning Inside, Dan Swano, Hemisfear, Vital Remains, Mystic Force, Psycho Scream, Eternal Autumn, Doomstone, Necrophagia, T.A.R.

Metal Attack 88 - cass. LP
Polish metal comp. Dragon, Wolf Spider, Destroyer, Turbo, Genocide, Hammer.

Metal City - CD - 1987
NWoBHM comp. Venom, Warfare, Avenger, and Saracen. The version of Venom's 'Nightmare' on here seems to be the video audio edit (with all of the talking and sound effects from the video left intact). I am not aware of it being on CD elsewhere.

Metal For Muthas - CD - 1980/2001
Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Praying Mantis, Sledgehammer, E.F. Band, Toad the Wed Sprocket, Ethel the Frog, Samson, Nutz.
Metal for Muthas II - CD - 2000
Trespass, White Spirit, Dark Star, Eazy Money, Xero, Horsepower, Red Alert, Chevy, The Raid.

Metal Invasion - cass. - 1987
Polish metal compilation. Wilczy Pająk, Stos, Dragon, Destroyer.

Metal Legion - CD - 1998
Singapore metal compilation. All tracks are demo versions. Rudra, Brutal Fear, Beast Petrify, Abattoir, Sakaratul Maut.

Metallica tribute: 10 Years After...A Tribute to Cliff Burton - CD - 1996
Czech Metallica tribute. Kryptor, Root, V.A.R., Dark, Tortharry, Vitacit, Anarchuz, Shaark, Denet, Cales, Editor, Walk Choc Ice.

Metallica tribute: Am I Metallica - CD - 1997
South Korean Metallica tribute. Crash, Game Over, Genocide, Bolt, C.O.B., Sahara, nOiZeGaRdEn, Kalpa, No Way.

Metallica tribute: The Blackest Album 2: An Industrial Tribute to Metallica - CD - 2000
Physical Attraction, Apoptygma Berzerk, Terror Test, Grope, The Sandowski Files, The Element, Tennis, Naked Lunch, Dreadline, Innocent blood, 2K, Stigma, and a 5 Blind Monks outro.

Metallica tribute: Overload - CD - 1998
Crematorium, From the Depths, Terror, Habeas Corpus, Diesel Machine, Steel Prophet, Prototype, Sickness, Fongus, Castle of Pain, Fist, Engrave.
Metallica tribute: Overload 2 - CD - 2001
Mystifier, Krabathor, Solarisis, New Eden, Last Chapter, Soulless, Noctuary, From the Depths, Diabolic, Abominant, Blasphemy Divine, Coffin Texts.

Metalmania - CD - 1989/2003
Mexican heavy metal compilation, reissue on CD. R.I.P., Puńo de Hierro, Roxxi, Espíritu Eléctrico, Arpad.

Metalmania 88 - live LP - 1989
Polish live compilation. Turbo, Destroyer, Dragon, Wolf Spider, Hammer, Genocide.
Metalmania 89 - live LP
Polish live compilation. Alastor, Turbo, Gomor, Hammer, Egzekuthor, Open Fire, Astaroth.

Metal Massacre - CD - 1982
Metal Massacre 2 - CD - 1982
Metal Massacre 3 - CD - 1983
Metal Massacre 4 - CD - 1983
Metal Massacre 5 - CD - 1984
Metal Massacre 6 - CD - 1985
Metal Massacre 7 - CD - 1986
Metal Massacre 8/9 - CD - 1987/1988
Metal Massacre 10 - CD - 1990
Metal Massacre 11 - CD - 1991
Metal Massacre 12 - CD - 1995

Metal Meltdown - CD - 1989
Pure Metal label sampler, each track contains music samples and interview clips of each band, but no full songs. Whitecross, Scarlet Red, Tempest, Bride, One Bad Pig, Jerusalem, Leviticus, Lightforce, Rosanna's Raiders.

Metal Meltdown II: Made in the Northwest - LP - 1987
Compilation of bands from Washington state. Kil D'Cor, Jinxx, Poets Crown, Passion Toy, Ruff Justice, Dehumanizers, Shock Treatment, Show & Tell, D.C. Lacroix, Vadasy Jade, Attax, Coven.

Metal North - CD - 1993
Swedish compilation. Left Hand Solution, Quicksand Dream, Celeborn, Toxic Waste, Unholy.

Metal on Metal III - Third Warning of the Storms (Fin) - CD - 2009
Ride for Revenge, Exordium, Sacrilegious Impalement, Epäkristus, Darkempire, Azrael Rising, Lantern, Bloodhammer, Satanic Torment, Incriminated, Armanenschaft, Sassta, Black Mass Pervertor, Goatmoon, Rivologi.

Metal Ostentation Volume 7 - CD - 2005
Dawn Creation (Fin), Mortyfear (Fin), Bloodshot Eyes (Ger), Drown Me Blue (Fin), It Will Come (Swe), Outburst (Jap), Asphalt (Swe), Imperiled Eyes (Nor), Hexenhammer (Ger), Eternal Dementia (Nor), Fiend (US), Manias (US), Nuestros Derechos (Hol), Juggernott (US), Chapel Desecrator (Ger), Aventyr (Nor), Endrive (Fin), Instinct Failed (Swe), Confligo (Ita), Onethirtyeight (UK), Morte Interna (Ita), The Knuts (Ger).

Metal Reigns Supreme - CD
Vastator, Unholy Archangel, Bad Influence, Clamor, Teutonic, Nokturnal, Maelström, Horresco Referens, Osh, Berserk, Royal Quest, Nattas, King, Cremation.

Metal Shock - LP - 1989
Polish comp. Kat, Open Fire, Hammer, Dragon, Turbo, Destroyer, Wilczy Pająk, Stos.

Metal Subterraneo - CD - 1991/1996
Mexican heavy metal comp. CD version of the '91 Legion Subterranea comp. HM: Abraxas, Espantapajaros, Fortia. Thrash: Allister.

Midnight Offerings II - CD - 1994
Incarnis, Enemy Soil, Debauchery, Blacklord, Splint, Blood Coven, Despondent, Biovore, Northern Lights, Stilldead, Subconscious, Sadistic Toerment, Overlord, Grand Belial's Key, Disinterment, Eulogy, Arghoslent, Afterlife, Otis.
Midnight Offerings III - CD - 1995
Doomstone, Terror Squad, Biovore, Sadistic Torment, Disinter, Northern Lights, Waste, Gonkulator, Spine, Scab, Voidd, Sealed Fate, Blacklord, Obey Bizar, Forgotten Souls.

Midwest Metalfest - CD - 1990
Comp. of Midwestern US bands. Order From Chaos (alternate mixes of 'Crushed Infamy' tracks, Nightmare (NE), Darkened Fate, Thanatopsis (NE), Simon Sez, Terakil, Die Laughin, Dreemwich.

MIR (Musiker-Initiative Rock e.V. Stuttgart) Heavy Metal Sampler - LP - 1984
German heavy metal compilation. Overkill, Thunder, Vengeance, Divine Victim, Beast of Prey.

Moby Dick Tribute: Bálna Vad Ászok - CD - 2005
Ossian, Wackor, Ganxsta Zolee És A Kartel, Junkies, Depresszió, Cool Head Clan, Akela, Wisdom, Cadaveres, Watch My Dying, Zanzibar, Auróra, Black-Out, Wall of Sleep, Fürgerókalábak, Echo of Dalriada, Nadir, Casketgarden, Moby Dick (with both Pokolgép singers).

Moonfog 2000: A Difference Perspective - 2CD - 2000
Includes one disc of exclusive material with tracks from Satyricon, Eibon, 2 Thorns songs (one feat. Fenriz and Satyr), Gehenna, Darkthrone, Dřdheimsgard, Wongraven vs. Päronsoda. Second disc is a Moonfog compilation with tracks from Satyricon, Dřdheimsgard, Darkthrone, Thorns, Gehenna, Emperor.

Moose Molten Metal Volume 1 - LP - 1985
Canadian metal compilation. Dagger, D.D.T., Sadwinder, Fist, Witchkiller, Stormbringer, Galleon, Heavenknox, Tzar, Creepy Family.

Mortuary Vol. 1 - CD - 1993
Portuguese metal compilation, everything seems to be demo/promo tracks. Thormenthor, Extreme Unction, Bowelrot, Moonspell, Silent Scream.

Motörhead Tribute: Built for Speed - CD - 1999
Blood for Blood, Groovie Ghoulies, Integrity, Dropkick Murphys, Skarhead, Electric Frankenstein, Chrome Locust, Zeke, Fahrenheit 451, Terra Firma, Speedealer.

Mountain of Metal, A - CD - 1991
Bands of various metal genres, mostly from NY/NJ area. Seems to be almost exclusively demotracks. May Day, Witchin, Lester Haze, Bad Intent, Jarra, Midnight Reign, Technakill, Voyer, Vanexa (Ita), Grim Legion, Tantrum, Roar, Beyond Reason, Astoroth, Sacred Death, Slang Girl, Crash Service.

New Electric Warriors - CD - 1980
NWoBHM comp. Turbo, Buffalo, Streetfighter, Stormtrooper, Tarot, Bastille, Oxym, Dawnwatcher, Vardis, Silverwing, Rhabstallion, Colossus, Jebediah Strut, Warrior, Kosh, Race Against Time.

New Wave of British Heavy Metal: '79 Revisited - 2CD - 1990
Diamond Head, Sweet Savage, Saxon, White Spirit, Raven, Paralex, Def Leppard, Weapon, Samson, Hallow Ground, Girlschool, Witchfynde, Iron Maiden, Jaguar, Tygers of Pan Tang, Gaskin, Sledgehammer, Venom, Angel Witch, Trespeass, Holocaust, Vardis, Blitzkrieg, Dragster, A II Z, Witchfinder General, Black Axe, Fist, Praying Mantis.

New Wave of British Heavy Metal - The Days on Stage! - bootleg CD
Samson, Sledgehammer, White Spirit, Def Leppard, Tygers of Pan Tang, and Iron Maiden live at 1980 Reading Festival, Girlschool live at 1981 Reading Festival, and Diamond Head live in Switzerland 1983.

Nordic Metal: A Tribute to Euronymous - CD - 1995
Abruptum, Mayem, Dissection, Emperor, Mysticum, Marduk, Thorns, Ophthalamia, Enslaved, Arcturus, Mortiis.

Northwest Metalfest - CD - 1984/1989
1984 compilation of northwestern US bands. Lipstick, Open Fire, Koda Khan, Overlord, Rottweiller, Bondage Boys, Sato, Strike, Mace, Metal Church.

NWOBHM 20th Anniversary Festival - Metal Crusade '99 - live 2CD -1999
Trespass, Samson, Tank, Praying Mantis live '99 in Japan.

NWOBHM Vol. 1 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 2 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 3 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 4 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 5 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 6 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 7 - CD
NWOBHM Vol. 8 - CD

Ominous Guitarists from the Unknown - CD - 1991
Scotty Mishoe, D. Housholder, Craig Erickson, Todd Duane, Joy Basu, Stephen Ross, Ron Thal, Bernd Steidl, Rich Kern, Derek Taylor.

..One Take No Dubs... - 12" EP - 1982?
NWoBHM comp. Hellanbach, Avenger, Black Rose, and Alien live in the studio.

Only Death is Real Vol. 2 - CD - 1997
German black/death metal compilation. Mostly demo/promo tracks. Ancient Wargod, Astaroth, Bluttaufe, Call from Subconscious, Carnal Tomb, Cryptic Wintermoon, Endart, Impiety, Infernal, Inhuman, Kalibos, Nondivine, Victim, Vocation.

Orchestrated Chaos - CD - 1996
US underground comp., mostly death metal bands. Abazagorath, Dysphoria, Angelkill, Immortal Destruction, Malicious Intent, Exhumed, Dismembered Fetus, Inthroned, Manias, Interration, Fatality, Slavestate, Rapid Kill, Unearth, Scorch, Mendacity.

Oriental Abyss - CD - 2010
Split release of South Korean and Japanese black metal bands. Apparition and 厄鬼 (Aek Gwi) are from Korea. Fenrisulf, Juno Bloodlust, and Svar Fra Hedensk are from Japan.

Osbourne, Ozzy tribute: Land of the Wizard - CD - 1999
Soulless, Sanctorum, Coffin Texts, Anno Daemonicus, Ion Vein, Killswitch, Deceased, Decay of Salvation, Tyrant, Vile, October 31.

Out of the Box Volume 1 - CD - 1997
Black Mark compilation of unsigned bands, mostly demo tracks. Crimson Midwinter, Theory in Practice, The Darksend, Hatred, Cromlech, Traumatic, Lothlorien, Into Oblivion, Eternal Sadness, Mental Crypt, Metamorphosis, Kraal.

Out of the Dark Live Compilation - live CD - 1997
Rotting Christ, Samael, The Gathering, Moonspell, Sentenced, Crematory live.

Ozzfest Live - CD - 1997
Live recordings from the 1996 Ozzfest. Sepultura, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Coal Chamber, Cellophane, Earth Crisis, Powerman 5000, Neurosis, Fear Factory, Biohazard.

Panggilan Pulau Puaka - CD - 1998
Southeast Asian metal compilation. Most tracks were from tape-only releases. Silent Death, Mistik, Mandatory, Dust Components, The Fallen, Gravelss, Dark Nirrajim.
Panggilan Pulau Puaka II - CD - 1999
Mandatory, Doxomedon, Adaptor, Narsamum, Radical Corpse, One Barchiel (As Sahar project), Trauma, Senseless, Tandus, Koffin Kanser.
Panggilan Pulau Puaka III Volume One - CD - 2000
Now with international bands, but still focused on Southeast Asia. Herriot, Malevolence, Corporation of Bleeding, Kambing, Heretic Angel, Paganizer, Impiety, Grindbuto, Blodsrit, Terror Squad, Murder Corporation, Ritual Orchestra, Mandatory, Mind Snare.
Panggilan Pulau Puaka III Volume Two - CD - 2000
Unveiled, Avulsed, Ebwa, Sigh, Surrender of Divinity, Murder Corporation, Trauma, Dead Sun, Finrir, Bluttaufe, Dying Embrace, Primitive Symphony.

Pantalgia - CD - 1992
M.B.R. comp. God Macabre, Malediction, Rottrevore, Disembowelment, Cadaver, Crematory (Swe), Pan-Thy-Monium, Cenotaph (Mex), Hydr Hydr, Therion.

Panzer tribute: Tributo a Panzer: Despertando al Innombrable - CD - 2004
Centinela, Crisis de Fe, Moonlight Fear, Sphinx, Valhalla, Evassion, Metal Mareny, Metropolis VI, Vendaval, Lándevir, Jason, Lörihen, Horcas, Red Wine, Templario, Angelus Apatrida

Plegarias del Horror - CD - 1994
Argentinian death metal comp. Crematorio, Carnal Scum, Zoofilia, Terrorist, Sartan.

Polish Assault - CD - 2000
Includes 5 tracks from the Decapitated 'The Eye of Horus' demo '98, 3 Yattering tracks (incl. Brutal Truth cover, no info given but one track appears to be from the '97 promo and the other two as bonuses on the 'Human's Pain' reissue CD), the Lost Soul '...Now is Forever' demo '98 (also same tracks from the 'Disco's Out, Slaughter's In' split), and the Damnable 'Inperdition' demo '96.

Polish Heavy Metal '87 - cass. LP
Polish heavy metal comp. Kat, Stos, Wilczy Pająk, Turbo, Destroyer, Dragon, Open Fire.

Power from the North: Sweden Rocks the World - CD
Swedish bands covering influencial Swedish metal/rock acts. In Flames (Treat), Lost Souls (Agony), Entombed (Stillborn), Lion's Share (Electric Boys), Transport League (Glorious Bankrobbers), Glory (Malmsteen), The Crown (Bathory), Hammerfall (Heavy Load), Gooseflesh (Trash), Treasure Land (John Norum), The Haunted (Candlemass), Southpaw (Malmsteen), Meshuggah (Whimzy).

The Power of Metal - 2CD - 1994
Double CD live comp. of Noise bands from the 'Melodic Metal Tour' in Germany, October '93. No specific date/location is given but Hamburg is mentioned during the Rage tracks. Gamma Ray, Helicon, Rage, and Conception.

Projections of a Stained Mind - CD - 1991
THE Swedish death metal compilation. Bonus tracks compared to CD version. Entombed, Mayhem (only studio material with Dead), Grotesque, Therion, House of Usher, Merciless, Unleashed, Nirvana 2002, Chronic Decay, Dismember, Macrodex, Traumatic, Tiamat, Skull.

Queensr˙che tribute: Rebellion: A Tribute to Queensr˙che - CD - 2000
Black Symphony, Shadowkeep, Rewind, Templar, Mesmerize, Silent Shadows, Black Earth, Ion Vein, Orange Moon, Black Art, Darkside.

Recrucifixion - CD - 2005
South American black metal split. Behalf Friend (Brazil, Grima Morstua (Argentina), Nahual (Peru), Warfare (Chile).

The Red Hot Burning Hell Vol. 4 - CD - 2001
Japanese extreme metal compilation. Coral, Apologist, ホル☆モン, Code Red, Asrafil, Sliter, Smash the Brain.

The Reincarnation of the Sun - CD - 1994
Norwegian industrial/techno/metal compilation. Red Harvest, Anstalt, Valhall, Dunkelheit, Remyl, Piledriver, Humid.

Reincarnation Vol. 1 - CD - 2001
NWoBHM comp. Ricochet, Razorback, Demolition, Quartz, Damien, Handsome Beasts.

Resurrection of the Gods - CD - 2001
Chinese metal compilation. Gate of Meditation, Suffocated, Ritual Day, Beeline, Vomit, Bloodbath, Seraph, Purgatory, Cankered Corpse, Crimson Flag, Endoputrescence, Hades.

Révolution Hard-Rock Volume 1 - CD - 1998
Compilation of old French metal. Trust, Ocean, Satan Jokers, Presence, Warning, Shakin' Street (pre-Manowar), Sortilege, Vulcain, H-Bomb, Killers, Blaspheme, ADX, Squealer, High Power, Titan, Attentat Rock.

Rise of the Eastern Blood - CD - 2006/2007
Demonic Resurrection, Dusk, Severe Dementia, and Helmskey. Tracks 9 and 10 are reversed on the printed tracklisting.

Rock A Dic - CD - 1999
South Korean compilation, all covers of Korean language cartoon theme songs. Sad Legend, Woodoo Madoo, Damage. Inc, Every Single Day, Automatic S.L., Mr. Funky, Blue Ball, Naked, and others (these names are in Korean).

Rock'n'Roll Myths Vol. 1 - CD - 1996
Wild Rags compilation, almost entirely death metal demo tracks. The End, Detestation, Ad Nauseum, Sickness, Habitual, D.E.M., Horror of Horrors, Days of Lamenting, Gorge, Friday Dies, Sarcophagy, Sadistic Torment, Seraph, Michael Knight, Judecca, Rise, Infamy.

Rodrigo D. No Futuro - soundtrack CD - 1988/2007
Soundtrack to the Colombian movie, half punk bands, and half metal. Includes 3 extra tracks not on the LP. Pestes, Mutantex, P-Ne, Amén, Ekrion, Agressor, Profanación, Mierda, Ekhymosis, Sacrilegio, Nekromantie.

Roots II (The Return) - CD - 1998
Mostly exclusive/rare/alternate recordings. Most of the non-metal sounding stuff is comedy/novelty tracks. Sigh, Impaler, Dominion, Groinchurn, 2 Nice Fellows... ('Ace of Spades' cover), 21st Century Sin, Pantalones Abajo Marinero, Moron Choir, Tellurium, Especially Likely Sloth, Somnus, Le'Rue Delashay, Nothing, Ascension Indiscretion, Ripsnorter, Porcelin God, 612 Crew, The Unholy, Plow Barrel.
Roots III (A Trilogy) - CD - 1998
Mostly exclusive/rare/alternate recordings. Usurper, Walhalla, Impaler, Lorde of All Desires, Opaque, Sam Black Curch, Billy Smeer Project, Dracaculon, Kronk, Squirm, Swordkiller, Brian Bart, Dwole, Lowdown, All the Pretty Horses, Video Nasty, K, Coup de Grace, Shango, Chaos Theory, Psychopath, Aerial-M.

Roxcalibur - CD - 1982/1998
NWoBHM comp. Black Rose, Brands Hatch, Battleaxe, Satan, Marauder, Unter Den Linden, and Skitzofrenik.

Sarcófago tribute: Tribute to Sarcófago - CD - 2001
Angel Corpse, Drowned, Satyricon, Lustful, Impaled Nazarene, Impurity, Exhumed, Sextrash, Conqueror, Mystifier, Under Threat, Pathologic Noise, Black Witchery, Lethal Curse, Posthumous, Descerebration, Calvary Death, Mysteriis.

Scandinavian Metal Attack II - CD - 1983/1996
Early Swedish (well, I guess considering where most of the later Oz lineups were from...) metal comp. Oz, Biscaya, Bathory, Mentzer, Highscore, Trash.

Scene of the Crime - LP - 1981
NWoBHM comp. Sparta, Savage, Manitou, Tyrant, Panza Divison.

Screams from Italy - CD
Italian comp, all early/mid '90s tracks, mostly from demos/promos. Beyond Redemption, Funeral Oration, Calvary, Hybris, Glacial Fear, Gory Blister, Profanatum, Agonia, Desecration, Detestor, Angel Death, Hecatomb, Hastur, Endaymynion, Faust, Blood Stained Host, Brainwashed.
Screams from Italy Vol. II - CD
Vladimir, Drastic, Eternal Sleep, Obscurity, In Low Spirits, Aydra, Wort, Hatred, In Sorrow, Emorrhage Corpse, Lachryma Christi, Mortifier, Eternal Funeral, Opus Malefici, Arkana, Iblis.
Screams from Italy Vol. III - CD - 1997
Excrucior, Moonrise, Gothica, De Profundis Clamavi, Maelstrom, Disease, Aydra, Hellrage, Addiction '96, Mad-Die, Armagedon, Exsecror, Athrazina, Quiet Flower, Crepuscolo, Nowhere, Incinerated.
Screams from Italy Vol. IV - CD
Ophidian, Hellish, Wrath Nature, Sadium, Unreal, Tears of Melody, Everlasting Reign, By the Grief, Lost of a Memories Soul, Infernal Poetry, Mind Phaser, Nusuth, Dream Void, Aletheia, Circumventor, Mystical Fullmoon.

The Second Coming: A Millennium Tribute to 80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal - CD - 1999
Covers album. American Dog (Twisted Sister), Cage (Judas Priest), Southern Rock Allstars (Thin Lizzy), Guttersluts (Guns'N'Roses), Premonition (Ozzy), Salvo (Motorhead), Wraith (Quiet Riot), Straitjacket Smile (Def Leppard), Tempered Steel (Iron Maiden), Detox Darlings (Faster Pussycat), Black Widow (Dokken), Red Hot (Motley Crue), O.C.D. (Alice Cooper), MudBone (White Lion).

Sepultura Tribute: Sepulchral Feast - CD - 1998
Sacramentum, Deathwitch, Mystifier, Swordmaster, Dimension Zero, Lord Belial, Defleshed, Impious, Children of Bodom, The Crown, Exhumation, Gooseflesh, Slavestate, Gardenian, Denial.
Sepultura Tribute: World of Pain - CD - 1999
Mystifier, Rise, Abhorrent, Crematorium, Rise, Pain Corporation, Hate Theory, Enter Self, Fractura, Hostile Intent, Terminal Plan, Vorse, Turning of the Gears, Engrave.

Shredding Across the World - Volume One - CD - 2008
Anders Bosell, Hitoshi Nakamura, Tore Moren, Tom Kopyto, Michael Abdow, Michael Harris, Eren Komurlu, Oliver Eckelt, Marian Gradinarski, Darin J. Moore, Julian Petrov, Steve Shannon, Carlos A. Ferrari, Steve Burrows, and Rob Johnson.

Sickz ways to incorrect gynecology - CD - 2007
Grind compilation. Insanity Excursion (Ger), Fleischwald (Ita), Frackanus (Fra), Satsugai (Fra), Ebanath (Ukr), and Explosive Bowel Syndrome (Nor).

Skull Thrash Zone Volume I - CD - 1991
Japanese thrash metal compilation. Shellshock, Jurassic Jade, Ground Zero, Doom, Rose Rose, X. Tracks seem to be unreleased elsewhere.

Slayer Tribute: Covered in Blood - CD - 20002
The entire 'Reign in Blood' album covered by hardcore bands. How It Ends, Arma Angelus, Most Precious Blood, Unsilent Reign, Sworn Vengeance, Over and Over, Crowd Deterrent, Bad Luck 13, Left with Nothing, and Punishment.
Slayer Tribute: Gateway to Hell - CD - 1999
Dark Funeral, Monstrosity, Aurora Borealis, Sadistic Intent, From the Depths, Infamy, Diabolic, Coffin Texts, Draconis, Evil Incarnate, Thy Darkest Empire, Imprecation, Somnus.
Slayer Tribute: Slatanic Slaughter - CD
Dissection, Merciless, Hypocrisy, At the Gates, Invocator, Enslaved, Edge of Sanity, Seance, Cemetary, Crown of Thorns, Grope.
Slayer Tribute: Slatanic Slaughter II - CD - 1996
Necrophobic, Luciferion, Cradle of Filth, Sinister, Benediction, Liers in Wait, Coffin Man, Malevolent Creation, Vader, Anathema, Unanimated, Disaffected.
Slayer Tribute: Straight to Hell - CD - 1999
Brutal Truth, Abbadon, Hypocrisy, Hecate Enthroned, Mortician, Chapter 7, Jungle Rot, Gigantor, Naked Lunch, Brood, Electric Hellfire Club, Dissection, Embraze.

Slimewave Goregrind Series - CD - 2008
Compiles the Relapse Slimewave split EP series with some extra tracks. Antigama, Bathtub Shitter, Cripple Bastards, Inhume, Japanische Kampfhorspiele, Machetazo, Mumakil, Rot, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Throat Plunger, Total Fucking Destruction, XXX Maniak.

Sodom Tribute: Homage to the Gods - CD - 1999
Order from Chaos, Luciferion, Cradle of Filth, Dark Funeral, Impaled Nazarene, Krisiun, Atanatos, Decayed Remains, Enthroned, Desaster, Swordmaster, Revenant, Goddess of Desire, Brutal Truth, Randalica.

Sometimes...Death is Better - CD - 199?
Shiver Rec. comp. Deformity, Dystrophy, Afterdeath, Inquisitor, Internal Bleeding, Earthcorpse, Ater, Algol, Compos Mentis, D.A.B., Deranged, Absorbed, Inverted, Disgusting, Caducity.
Sometimes...Death is Better 2 - CD - 1995
Forgotten Silence, Beseech, Way of Nature, Psoriasis, Salem Justice, Orthodox, Kadath, Death Anos, Crucifixion, Mangled, The Legend, Lee's Parole, Exhumation, Prophanity, Garcharot, Bethzaida, Fossor.
Sometimes...Death is Better 3 - CD - 1995
Cerebrum, Thalidomide, Mannix, Etherial Grief, Morphosis, Dysuria, Gorgon, Regent, Scarve, Birdflesh, Mortal God, Confusion Corporation, Suhrim, Waylander, Crustacean, Crucified Corpse, Dawn (Ger).
Sometimes...Death is Better 4 - CD - 1995
Casket (Ger, Profanatum, Legal Butchery, Evoke, Profane, Intoxicate, Flash Terrorist, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Impedigon, Discrucior, Mutilated, Infernal Torment, Moaning Wind, Ressurectis, Dehydrated, Execution (Fra), Enchanted.

Sons of Steel - soundtrack LP - 1989
Soundtrack band is Black Alice/Rose Tattoo members. Mostly hard rock songs.

Soul Rape - CD - 199?
Austrian death/gore/weird compilation. Disharmonic Orchestra, Disastrous Murmur, Pungent Stench, Los Tres Hombres (Pungent Stench members covering 'Love Hurts'), Fetish 69, Gothmog, Raydead, 001 Znort 101.

Southern Assault Vol. I - CD - 1996
Portuguese black metal comp. Candle Serenade, Firstborn Evil, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, In Darkness, Infernal Dreams, Celestial Dark, Celtic Dance, Annwn, Unburn, The Pantheons Key, Bloodquest, The Sorcerer, Purgar.

Speed Metal Hell - LP - 1985
Demo-era tracks of Savage Grace, Artillery, Whiplash, At War, Executioner, Attila, Medieval, Midnight Vice, Stiletto, Battle Bratt, Shining Blade.
Speed Metal Hell II - LP - 1986
At War, Mayhem, Samhain, Anvil Bitch, Savage Thrust, Deaththrash, Aggression, Tempter, Flotsam and Jetsam, Wargod, Outrage, Post Mortem.
Speed Metal Hell Volume Three - LP - 1987
Papsmear, Wehrmacht, Necropolis, Dream Death, Regurgitation, Necrophagia, Blood Feast, Prong, Metal Onslaught, The Kill.

S.P. Metal - CD - 1984/2002
Săo Paulo heavy metal comp. Avenger, Centurias, Virus, Salário Mínimo.
S.P. Metal II - CD - 1985/2002
Săo Paulo heavy metal comp. Santuário, Korzus, Abutre, Performances.

Storm of Nebiula - CD - 1996
Nebiula Prod. comp. Includes most of Sil-Khannaz's 'Pendita Gila' EP. Langsuyr, Sil-Khannaz, As Sahar, Vociferation Eternity, Aradia.
Storm of Nebiula II - CD - 1998
Most material is previously unreleased on CD format. Mistik, Silent Death, Hail, Mesmerized, Heloisa, King Shah, Eternal Throne, As Sahar.

Stranger Than Paradise - CD - 199?
Dolphins Rec. comp. All bands French except for Core (Brazil) and Desperate Corruption (Japan). Sasmophilius, File 101, Eviternity, Downright Malice, Tommyknockers, Abyssia, Aeturnum, Scarve, Gorgon, Broken Edge, Carcariass, Our Grace, D.A.B.

Suicidal Tendencies Tribute: Suicide in Venice - CD - 2000
Fury, Insania, Black Earth, Scary German Guy, Lesser Known, Thundercore, Black Art, Undertakers, Shallows of the Mundane, Disarray, Catch 22.

Supreme Brutal Legions Vol. 1 - CD - 2003
Death and death/grind compilation. Cardiac Necropsy, Insision, Koma, Lacerate, and Vrykolakas.

Sword of Death to Thrash II - CD - 19??
Japanese thrash/death compilation. Body Snatchers, Gabish, Struggle, Hellchild, Deep Throat, Messiah Death, Gabish, Goza, Xectique, and 3 others with names written in Japanese characters.

Tarantula tribute: 20 Anos De Tarantula - 2CD - 2001
The Fever Experience, Ramp, Anger, Genocide, Oratory, In Solitude, The Firstborn, Evidence, The Fire, Rebellion, Downthroat, Melodrama, Attack Demons, Demon Dagger, Web, Nordica, Drakkar, Crystal Dragon, Sacred Sin, Delpht, Vers'Over, Santarem, Ifyouarealone, Thunderforce, Symetry, Shadowsphere, Morbidick, Arte Sacra, The Last Hymn, Diesel-Humm!, Paranormal Waltz, Pitch Black, Paradigma, No Cego.

Texas Metal Archives Volume One - CD - 2009
Compilation of '80s Texas metal. All demo tracks except for the Rotting Corpse song, which is an unmixed version. Battalion, Sentinel, Valkyrie, Death Tripper, Necrovore, Baron Steele, Warlock, Heaven's Force, Wicked Angel, Forced Entry, Scythian Oath, Morbid Termination, Rotting Corpse.

Thrash - CD - 1991
Argentinian compilation with some unreleased material. Hammer, Rapier, Nepal, Genocidio, Krupp, Depredador, Escabios, Thanathor, Militia, Satanica, Kief, Resistencia Nativa, Funeral Funny.

Thrashing Holocaust - CD - 1999
Some unreleased material. Witchery, Desaster, Absu (Possessed cover), Nocturnal Breed, Deathwitch, Sadistic Intent, Sabbat, The Ancients' Rebirth, Lordes Werre, Metalucifer, Infernö, Abominator, Usurper, Abigial, Desekrator, Terror Squad, Dekapitator, Satanic Slaughter, Ashes.

To Lard You Will Decay - CD - 1994
With unreleased tracks. Narcotic Greed, Terror Squad, Voidd, Avulsed, Mass Exhibit, Megaflear, Droys, Rest in Peace, Homicide, Proton Burst.

A Tribute to Hell: Satanic Rites - 2CD
Almost exclusively unreleased/rare tracks. Mysticum, The Thrill, Centurian, Mayhem, Tyrant, Outbreak, Naglfar, Swordmaster, Ash, Mastiphal, Thy Primordial, Black Funeral, Labei Ritual, Hemlock, Ever Dark, Soulreaper (Bathory cover), Apollyon, Algaion, Sacramentum, Indungeon, Battlelust, Tartaros, Darzamat, Diaboli, Thy Infernal, Melechesh, Lord of Depression, Mortify, Goddess of Desire, Haimad, Burning Inside, Acheron (Death cover).

The True Ideal Realized Through the Underground - CD - 1998
Japanese extreme metal comp. Transgressor, Massground, Intestate, Cave in Depth, Mentally Infected, Asrafil, Death Seed, Nyarlathotep, Desperate Corruption, Vampiric Motives.

Twisted Sister tribute: Destroyer - CD - 2001
Soulless, Seven Witches, Evil Incarnate, Syn, Cianide, Black Earth, Venereal Disease, Defekt, New Eden, From the Depths.

Ultimate Revenge 2 - live CD - 1989
Dark Angel, Death, Raven, Forbbiden, Faith or Fear live 1988.

Ultimate Swedish: Slash and Burn Volume 1 - CD - 199?
Swedish death metal compilation. Unleashed, Unanimated, Bloodstone, Scars, Celestial Pain, Nocturnal Obsession, Edicius, Aceldama, Hell on Earth, Marble Icon.

Ultrametal - CD - 1990
Czech metal comp. Master's Hammer, Debustrol, Kabat, Moriorr, Ferat, V.A.R.

Ultra Violence - CD - 2000
Southeast Asian metal comp. Almost all tracks taken from cassette only releases. Hayagriva, Athotorgh, Tandus, Bazzah, Cryptic Malediction, Rotten Corpse.

Underground Eternal - CD
Eternal Frost webzine compilation. Darkness Eternal, Encabulos, Council of the Fallen, Primal Dawn, Eyes of Ligeia, Forlorn Suffering, Malefactor, Festering Sore, Koma, Gallery of Darkness, Castrum, Noism, Splattered Cadaver, Vile, Signs of Dying, Funebrarum, Antagony, Maniac Killer, Armageddon Holocaust, Goretrade,Dripping.

Under the Pagan Moon - CD - 1996
Black metal compilation, I believe entirely demo tracks. Malkuth, Bishop of Hexen, Moonblood, Obscuration, Ember, Medieval Demon, Profanum, Melechesh, Ragnarok, Avatar, Moonblood, Solstafir, Crimson Midwinter, Grimoire, Songe D'Enfer.

Unholy Thrashing Savage - CD - 2010
Storming Steels (Mal, thrash), Omission (Spa, thrash), Dunkell Reiter (Bra, thrash), Revenge (Gre, black/thrash).

Unsung Heroes Records Compilation 1 - CD - 1999
Various old and new recordings. Rampage, Festering Sore, Disjecta Membra, Skiptoe, The Guys Who Wear Black Too Much, Early Warning, Gortician.

Upon A Dark Horizon - CD - 199?
Sorhin, Thy Darkest Empire, Nocturnal Breed, Nagelfar, Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, Aeternus, Mundanus Imperium, Vomitory, Wallachia, Bethel, Hellwitch, Legion, Primordial.

V8 Tribute: V8 No Murió - CD - 2001
Polimetro, Nepal, M.A.S.A.C.R.E., Imperio, Leprosy, Attaque 77, Chopper, Lörihen, Dorsal Atlântica, Cruel Adiccion, Cabeza De Martilla, Homenaje V8 + Pappo, Barón Rojo, O'Connor/Ricciardulli/Leonetti/Civile, Horcas.

Venom Tribute: In the Name of Satan (Japan) - CD (with 2 bonus) - 1994
Japanese version including Killers ('Black Metal') and Forbidden ('Rip Ride'). Most tracks feature Abaddon. Also has two 'Venom' tracks which are really just industrial remixes. Kreator, Anathema, Nuclear Assault, Voivod, Skyclad, Sodom, Messiah Marcolin, Paradise Lost, Killers, Forbidden.
Venom Tribute: In the Sign of the Horns - CD - 2000
Black Witchery, Acheron, Noctuary, Morpheus Descends, Blood Storm, Perverseraph, From the Depths, Evil Incarnate, Diabolic, Ritual Carnage, Mork Gryning, Anal Blast, Nokturne, Coffin Texts, Venereal Disease.
Venom Tribute: Promoters of the Third World War - CD - 1997
Mostly Swedish Venom tribute. Therion, Deranged, Dead, Morpheus, Alchemist, Flegma, Furbowl, Afflicted, Kazjurol, Pingo's Inferno, Shit Out of Luck, K.O. Corral, Kosken Hardcore, Geronimo, Joyful Deadbeat.

Visceral Productions Compilation # 1 - CD - 1994
Hemdale, Horror of Horrors, Dead Horse, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Accursed, Saints of Pain, Adnauseam, Impetus, Sodomized, Odious Sanction, Decrepit, Embalmer, Oppressor, Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ, Compression.

Visionaries of the Macabre Vol. 1 - CD - 1998
Mispress with an Oppressor demo track that was not supposed to be included. Mostly rare/unreleased/non-CD material. Pessimist, Oppressor, Avulsion, Somnus, Eternal Suffering, Dusk, Cryptopsy, Imperial (pre-Krieg), Ceremonium, Nebiras, Acheron, Nosvampyram (Killing Addiction member), December Wolves, A Tragedy Unveiled, Aurora Borealis.

Vociferous & Machiavellian Hate - CD - 1994
Death metal compilation with Mythos, Expulsion (Swe), Unexpected (Neth), Mysthical (Spa). All tracks seem to be either exclusive or previously tape-only.

Voices of Death Part 1 - CD - 1997
Death/black comp. Sorcery (Swe), Thyrfing, Wrath (Swe), Impending Doom, Hypnosia, Gravferd, Ensemble Nocturne, Korpe, Tiburon, Immemoreal, Prophanity, Taetre, Mornaland, Moonstruck, Scarve.
Voices of Death Part 2 - CD - 1998
Now all Swedish/Norwegian bands. Odium, Mortum (Swe), Occrah, Inverted, Zavorath, Sardonic Tears, Frost (Nor), Primitive Symphony, Blazing Skies, Guidance of Sin, Azure, Cranial Dust, Diabolical (Swe), Blackwitch, Gravferd, Palefat.

Vulcano Tribute: Satanic Legions - CD - 2010
Chemical Disaster, Orgy of Flies, Infector, Maleficarum, Hierarchical Punishment, Morfolk, Predatory, Abomydogs, Sepulcro, Front Attack Line, Pentacrostic, Blasphemical Procreation, Gorempire, Chaosmaster, Impiety, Repulsăo Explícita, Aqueronte, Brutal Exuberância, BreaKdowN, Midnightmare, Ready to Explode, NervoChaos, Unborn, Eighteenth Angel.

W.A.R. Compilation Volume 1 - CD - 1995
Wrong Again Rec. Swedish metal comp. Most of the tracks were unreleased when the compilation originally came out. Eucharist, In Flames, Dissection, Dark Tranquillity, Miscreant, Ceremonial Oath, Mourning Sign, Katatonia, Purgatorium.

War Dance: A WAR Music Compilation - CD - 1998
Some previously unreleased tracks. Naglfar, Carnal Forge, Darkane, Eucharist, Cryptopsy, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Dimension Zero, In Thy Dreams, Armageddon (Swe).

W.A.S.P. Tribute: Show No Mercy - CD - 2001
Mystifier, Aurora Borealis, Seven Witches, Black Earth, Lilitu, Soulless, Abattoir, New Eden, Syn, Blasphemy Divine, Krueger, Noctuary, Venereal Disease, Defekt.

Weird Tales of Madness Vol. 1 - CD - 1991
Tormentor (Neth), Necrophile (Jap), Atrocious (Neth), Funebre, Phlegethon, Desolation (Gre).

What's For Dinner? - CD - 1996
US underground metal comp, primarily east coast/midwest bands. Some tracks were previously cassette only. Hate Plow, Neurotoxin, Gutted, November's Doom, Morpheus Descends, Horror of Horrors, Ceremonium, Descendent, Decay, Reefer Hut, Angel Trumpets, Dying Fetus, The Fold.

White Zombie Tribute: Supercharger Hell - CD - 2000
Anarchuz, Habeas Corpus, Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Lesser Known, Scary German Guy, Catch22, Mind Phaser, Shallows of the Mundane, Disarray, Shockwerks, Daemos, Broke Box.

The Winds of a New Millennium #1 - CD - 1995
Brazilian black/death compilation. Mythological Cold Towers, In Memorian, Strangulation, Temptestas, Guehenom, Serpent Rise, Insanity, God, Lethal Curse, Subversive, Masturbator, As Prophecies, Obskure, Profane Creation.
The Winds of a New Millennium Act 2 - CD - 199?
Brazilian black/death compilation. Guehenom, Malefactor, As Prophecies, Malkuth, Monasterium, Eternal Sorrow, Nocturnal Worshipper, Infected, Violator, Sarcoma K, Carnified, Demigod, Unholy Death.

The Wine of Satan/Vinnum dei Satanas - CD - 1993
Beherit, Master's Hammer, Mortuary Drape, Perdition Herase, Crucifier, The Black, Pandemonium, Corpse Molestation (pre-Bestial Warlust).

World Domination II - 2CD - 1997
Osmose comp. CD2 is mostly previously unreleased/rare tracks. CD1: Vital Remains, Marduk, Driller Killer, Necromantia, Angel Corpse, Immortal, Dark Tranquillity, Gehennah, Enslaved, Swordmaster, Infernö, Demoniac, Absu. CD2: Impaled Nazarene, Bewitched, Swordmaster, Tsatthoggua, Mystifier (Poison cover), Raism, Disfear, Loudpipes, Sadistik Exekution, The Rocking Dildos, Gardenian, Devilyn, Conqueror, Majestic Midnight, and a "hidden" Gehennah track.
The World Domination Live - 2CD - 1998
Demoniac, Swordmaster, Bewitched, Enslaved, Dellamorte, Dark Tranquillity live.

The X Factor - CD - 1993
Indianapolis local band compilation. Bitter Harvest, Drop Dead, Something Wicked, Schoolboy Crush, Snakeskin Cowboy, Birdmen of Alcatraz, Scalywags, Ma Kelley, Felony, Buzzy Jones, Redeye, Victor Puppybone, Blatherskite, Neurotic Box, Below Romeo, Nova Rex.

Yonkers Death - CD - 1991/2007
Previously unreleased '91 EP compilation of NY death metal. Mortician, Alive, Deathrune, Malignancy.

Zemětresení Živĕ - live CD - 2001
Arakain/Törr/Vitacit members playing covers of Czech rock legend Jiří Schelinger, I believe for a revival type show. There's also a Deep Purple cover with Czech lyrics. Considering the metallic pedigree of the musicians, it ends up being heavy metal/hard rock. I'm not sure if the band is technically named Zemětřesení or if that's just the CD title.